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Whatever your business is, we know that sometimes you just need a little extra space. Those items you don't use every day but you need access to occasionally, or Maybe your business is growing but your just not ready to move into a larger facility. Let Kinsman be your storage of choice wether it is extra vehicles, office furniture, Materials and Supplies, or even just a place to temporarily park construction equipment when working in the area. We can handle it all. Give us a call right now and let us reserve you a space that will be cost effective for your important business.

Standard Parking Space

​​Perfect size parking for the average commercial work van, truck, or trailer. 

Large Parking Space

​Best size space for your 18 wheelers, long trailers, and heavy equipment. 

Storage Container
This is a great solution for storing supplies, materials, tools, or even those files you have to keep for a while. 

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